TT250 Oil Pump Replacement

TT250 Oil Pump Replacement

This maintenance tutorial addresses TT250 oil pump removal and replacement.

You should replace the oil pump if you are rebuilding the TT250 engine or if the oil does not appear to be working smoothly. It’s difficult to tell if the oil pump is not working smoothly without removing it and checking its ability to freely rotate. Here’s a short video that shows how the TT250 oil should rotate freely. If there’s any doubt about the pump’s operability, replace it.

Gaining access to the oil pump involves disconnecting the rear brake lever and removing the right engine case and the centrifugal oil cleaner as outlined in the TT250 clutch replacement tutorial.

After removing the above components, remove the oil pump shroud by unbolting the two bolts shown below.

Remove the shroud.

Remove the oil pump drive chain and sprockets. They will slide off their respective shafts.

Unbolt the two bolts securing the oil pump shown in the photo below.

Remove the oil pump.

Assembly is the reverse of disassembly.