TT250 Air Filter Replacement

TT250 Air Filter Replacement

This maintenance tutorial addresses removal and replacement of the TT250 air filter. The TT250 uses a paper air filter. We stock all parts for the TT250 motorcycle, so when you need a new air filter, please call us at 909 445 0900 and we will ship an air filter to you.

You should check your TT250 air filter every 2500 miles. If it is dirty or clogged, it will reduce the motorcycle’s performance and you should replace it. You should never operate your TT250 without the air filter.

Access to the TT250 air filter is gained by removing the rear body panels, the rear seat, and the airbox cover.

The rear body panels are each secured by a single screw and two rubber pop-off retaining posts. Remove both rear body panels.

The seat is secured by a 10mm bolt on either side. Remove both 10mm bolts and slide the seat to the rear of the motorcycle to remove it.

After removing the seat, you will see the airbox cover. It is secured by four Phillips head screws. Remove the screws and the airbox cover.

After removing the airbox cover, the air filter and the air filter retainer will be visible.

If the air filter is dirty or clogged, it should be replaced. Please contact us at 909 445 0900 to order replacement air filters.

The air filter retainer is secured by four Phillips head screws. To remove the air filter, remove the four air filter retainer screws.

The air filter can be removed from the retainer at this point.

Assembly is the reverse of disassembly. Install the new air filter, and you are ready to ride!