Running In The Frist 500 Miles

While running in the motorcycle, vary the throttle opening and engine-speed range frequently; avoid driving for long periods at a constant speed.

Choose curvy, slightly hilly sections of road if possible. Observe the engine run-in speeds. Engine run-in speed 5000 RPM max.

CSC Motorcycles provides Lucas Upper cylinder lubricant / fuel conditioner in the fuel at delivery of your RX3. It is strongly recommended for you to continue use during and after the breaking in period.

Have the first inspection carried out after 500 miles

Brake pads

New brake pads must be run in before they achieve their optimum friction force. This initial reduction in braking efficiency can be compensated for by exerting

greater pressure on the brake levers.

New brake pads can extend stopping distance by a significant margin.

Brake early.


New tires have a smooth surface. This must be roughened by riding in a restrained manner at various heel angles until the tires are run in. This running in procedure is essential if the tires are to achieve maximum grip.

New tires have not achieved their full adhesion yet. There is a danger of

Accidents when driving at extreme angles. Avoid extreme angles.

Proper Running in period is necessary for good performance and longevity of your RX3 . Failure to perform Running in period can result in damage and voiding your warranty.